This is what folks are saying about the album:

"I have a copy of his excellent CD right here in my hand. After listening to this CD for the first time, it made me wish I could be there on a Saturday night when Steve and the Fringe Locals play the bars in Niagra-on-the-Lake. It sounds like the local fans really appreciate this group."

Reviewer: Steve Robertson - Hiding out in the Georgia Pines

"OK, I've listened to all the clips. Here are my unsolicited comments: * Comes From The Heart -- when it started, I immediately thought of a Tom Waits song done by JJW, (Lookin' For) The Heart Of Saturday Night. Same feel as your arrangement -- which I'm sure you know, since you and your site ID you as a fan of Mr., Walker. The purists on this list might not agree, but I like your arrangement. * Doctor My Eyes -- VERY true to Jackson's, and I'm a major fan of his. He's one of the relatively few people I've let sign my guitar strap * Weekends..... -- Damn, who/what is this making me think of? Regardless, I like it. The only thing I can think of that it reminds me of is a Steely Dan song that contains the line "something something and a Pina Colada my friend". * The Joker -- pretty fun/funny reggae arrangement. I like this stuff. "

Reviewer: Carey Driscoll

"5 stars From the heart - and it works'It's gotta come from the heart, if you want it to work', in the words of Susana Clark and Richard Leigh on one of the tracks on this wonderful CD. And this one certainly does come straight from the heart in more ways than one.

It's a great live, idiosyncratic, intimate, fun performance. There are lots of local and personal references to the places around Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where Steve Goldberger and the Local Fringe hang out. It doesn't matter if you don't know the area, though - heck, I live on a different continent altogether -the guys make you feel as though they're playing just for you, singing to you, smiling at you. Such heart.

And no wonder - apparently Steve Goldberger came up with the idea for this CD while he was recovering from heart surgery and he donates $2 from each sale to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. If you like your music a mixture of rock, folk, blues and jazz, you'll love this. The tracks are mostly cover versions from the great singer-songwriters of our time - Dylan, Nanci Griffith, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, but I bet you haven't heard them covered like this before with Mr Goldberger's own two cents added to the mixture. Steve Miller's 'The Joker' may never be the same again. And the one original composition, 'Weekends with the Local Fringe' really rocks!

This is a highly enjoyable CD. I defy you to just listen; you have to sing along. It's just a great evening with the boys. I do have one complaint, though. The last track, Charlie Parker's 'Yardbird Suite' starts out great and then the tape fades out. Hope they'll have room to include it all on their next album."

Reviewer: Maureen A. Parr from London United Kingdom as posted on

"...His voice and the music is as comfortable as a pair of good, broken-in Levis and he and his band, the Fringe Locals, are obviously having a GREAT time making their music .... I have really enjoyed it -- took a taped-down version on the road to Maine and back; it travels quite well! " -C.L. in Atlanta

"Well let me tell you I was feeling quite shitty recently and I put on your CD. Exact song was "Weekends with the Local Fringe" and then "Last of the True Believers". ....Anyway after listening to those songs I felt better (ok I had a little wine with it.) But suffice to say, I like your music and it makes me H-A-P-P-Y!!! ...." -R.D. in Toronto

"Hi folks: I just received Steve Goldberger's CD Come From The Heart. It is a terrific live recording of some marvelous songs including two of my Nanci Griffith favorites Fly by Night and Last of the True Believers. They are two of Nanci's best and Steve does a wonderful job. I always loved Fly by Night and wished to hear Nanci perform it live, but never did. Steve's performance� allows me know how it would sound live.� I think that particular song could have been as popular as Outbound Plane if it had received radio play. Thank you Steve and Nanci for some great music." - J.T. in Maine

"Hi Steve; It really is a great CD. We also like Bruce Springstein and one point when your original tune was on , my wife came in and asked if it were Bruce doing one of his tunes. And I do love your Nanci renditions plus the songs you do on the Plastic Objects album. Thank you kindly," J.T.

"Hey Steve, Received your CD today, (actually almost DIDN'T get it) it wasn''t in the mailbox it was shoved between the front door and the screen. A door that is often not used but if it weren't for my VERY observant sister it would still be there. I have been listening to it and WOW it's quite the toe tappin' finger snappin' tunes. I really like it and I have to tell ya so far my favourite song is the one titled "Weekends with the local Fringe" it's excellent and it must mean so much to you and all the people involved ( I just like the part about gettin' drunk ha! ha!) I shouldn't joke there are people that would vouch for that twofold!" -R.D.

"Wow, you can really sing! I'm glad that such a high percentage of your songs is jazz/blues style. You da best white black jew singer I heard in a long long long time. � Thanks for the album from the heart." -J.W. in Toronto

"Hey Steve! Nice collection of tunes, Steve. Something you ought to know about my taste: the closest I come to pop music is Steely Dan. Definitely okay with my old favorites like James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn, Jackson Browne, though. Then you realize my favorite cut was the one you ran out of tape on. But you guys are skilled musicians, man! Great stuff. I'd love to hear a "jazz" set - and I know you guys are capable. Lookin' forward to catching a live show, possibly in late Spring." -P.D. in Vermont

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$2.00 from the sale of each album will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation

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