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Front cover painting by Michael Earle ~~ Back cover photo by D.S. Karr
Just like the previous instrumental album, this is a project that began in 2000, when Steve began getting serious once again about songwriting. These songs are what he calls his "little paintings". A culmination of 30 years of playing many different styles of music. Just like gumbo in a pot. Take a little country-folk, add a little blues and jazz, stir in some funky roots and simmer for a while, adding some hot creole spice to taste.

Over a two year period the songs began to take shape and whenever Eric Mahar and Dave Norris would come to Niagara-on-the-Lake, they would use that opportunity to record some bed tracks. In between these dates, just like a painter or a chef, Steve would invite the other band members and guest artists to add their layers to these art pieces, or ingredients to the gumbo.

All songs were recorded and mixed the old-fashioned way, "on the fly", without the use of computer-aided editing, pitch correction or automation.

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Steve Goldberger & the Fringe Locals: Gumbo Dreams