Recent (Jan/06) GUMBO DREAMS CD review by freelance writer and radio DJ Diane Wells

"Toronto Star CD Review"
Jan/03 (PDF)

Jan/03 Toronto Star CD Review (JPG)

"Beachers Relate Lessons Learned About Life"
Jan/03 Beach Metro News(PDF)

Jan/03 Beach Metro News (JPG)

" This CD is a big change from the instrumental one. I like that...the nerve to be different. Good job Steve. "
Don Campau - KKUP 91.5FM in Cupertino California

" I'm listening to it right now, and it's a real keeper! There's plenty of tracks we can give airplay to. And we'll be hugely pleased to do that. There's a whole new level of self-confidence since your last vocal set - your confidence is well justified ... your songwriting's great. Cheers,"
Eddie O'Strange [Town & Country Radio] New Zealand

" Bonjour,
... I' just wanted to let you know that his new album is out and it rocks! It's called Gumbo Dreams and sounds just like its name ;) A great cocktail of original songs with original sounds."

-Herve Oudet, "Americana in Paris" Radio Show, Paris, France

" Steve, I listened to your CD all the way back to Rochester, NY yesterday.....and it was blaring on the way into work this morning. I love it!!!!! We had a great weekend. Niagara-on-the-Lake is absolutely beautiful! Seeing, hearing and meeting you and the band at the Angel Inn was an added bonus to our weekend. We'll be sure to schedule our next trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake on a weekend that you're playing there."
Karen, Rochester, New York

" Hi Steve,
...Today I finally found/made the time to sit down and check it out. I also checked out the one you laid on my last time ... the NOTL Rhythm Project ... very nice. The Drummin' Fools sound out of this world and the vibe is killer on both CD's. I love hearing Eric Mahar play ... and you can tell him that! I think my favourite track is Gumbo dreams ... but I'll get back to you on that. :) "

-Mark Inneo ( a really great drummer)

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