Production, Mixing and Session Work

Steve is always looking for new projects to get involved in. Whether it is playing on, producing, mixing, studio time at The Shed, or all of the above, he is always open to hearing about new music. Feel free to reach out to tell us more about your project, etc. You can get more info on Steve's personal studio, The Shed right here . Feel free to reach out here to discuss details of your project, or ask questions about the process.

With many produced albums to his credit, including a slew of Niagara Music Award nominated and winning recordings, Steve has earned a reputation for roots music productions. Steve started his production career over 20 years ago and gradually has built up his collection of recording equipment. He continues to produce an ongoing list of albums and working with artists from many genres. For a partial list of his Production credits, see the Discography Page.

Remote Sessions
Have Steve play on your tracks remotely!
Steve is a respected studio musician who has played on many, many recordings. He can add tracks to projects from anywhere in the world, and does this regularly for many artists and producers. Steve has an incredible setup ready to record acoustic or electric instruments. His specialties include bass, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, and more. Steve also has a wide network of seasoned studio players he can reach out to. He can record them in house or send tracks to, on various instruments including pedal steel, guitarists, keyboards, horns, cello, etc.. For a partial list of his Musician credits, see the Discography Page. Feel free to reach out here to discuss details of your project, or ask questions about the process.

Mixing & Recording
Over the last 25 years Steve has honed his craft through experience and dedication to the art. Steve has worked with many artists starting at various stages in their recording process to record and/or mix their music and bring their project to completion. Using a carefully selected collection of analog equipment, Steve has become a sought-after producer and engineer.

Based out of his Shed Studio in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Steve has worked on many great projects, including his many solo and band albums and has mixed songs or albums for The Shoeshine Boys, Maja Bannerman, Kim Van Stygren, Scott Chamberlain, Jupiter Jazz, Martin Springett, James Brown, Diesel Dog, Matinee Slim & the Ultralight Orchestra, Vintage Soul, Steve Grisbrook, Vinyard Jazz Trio, Arabesque String Trio, Karen Smith, Gary Small & Graham Lear, Jeff Brown, Gravely James, Marty Hopkins, Sea of Gold and Burgundy, Rob Repovs, Holmes Hooke, Penner MacKay, Blues Etc., Root Magic, among others.

Steve is available to record and/or mix albums, singles, EPs or whatever you may have need for. He can tailor a plan to fit your budget and is always looking for new projects.

The recording and mix setup is centered around a fully automated API 2448 console. His collection of outboard gear includes compressors, eqs and effects by Neve, Retro Instruments, UA-Teletronics, Urei, Airfield Audio, Chandler, Acme, Avalon, AEA, SPL, Orban, Lexicon and more. Feel free to reach out here to discuss details of your project, or ask questions about the process.